Olympic Animal Sanctuary in Forks, Wa was promoted as a facility to house "dangerous" dogs whose only other alternative was euthanasia. In reality, inside the "Sanctuary of Sorrow" its residents suffered for years in horrific conditions. 

In December 2013, 124 dogs were turned over by Olympic Animal Sanctuary founder Steve Markwell to Guardians of Rescue.  Most were deemed non dangerous and many dogs were born at the OAS with no attempt at finding suitable homes. Each dog was evaluated and in turn, Guardians of Rescue released most of the dogs to experienced rescue groups nationwide.  Gentle Giants rescued 3 of these dogs and we are fortunate to help them on their road to recovery.

Thor, Turk and Mimi have a long journey ahead of them, but all three have captured our hearts!!!

Olympic Animal Sanctuary

NJ News Channel 12 Rick Holmes at Pompton Lakes Animal Hospital as Thor Turk and Mimi Arrive in NJ

KOMO4 Seattle's Jeff Burnside follow up report on OAS Dogs

Peninsula Daily News Update 02/14/14

KTNV Las Vegas OAS Dogs Photo Gallery

Turk getting all the play time and love he deserves!
Life inside OAS