Jane is a Mastiff Mix or Neopolitan Mastiff.  She has a previous injury that we thought would require a hip replacement, but it doesnt seem to slow her down one bit so surgery is off for now.

Jane is very sweet and has really come out of her shell. She loves to play, be paid attention to and when its treat time.   As we've gotten to know her, we've found that Jane likes to be the only dog.  We're not sure if its specficially her house mates that cause her to react or if it's all dogs, but Jane's perfect home is one where she is the only dog.

Jane is fully vetted and loves running, playing and being outside.

Please consider opening your home to Jane while she's on her road to recovery. 
Nico and GG Volunteer Perry

Nico, FKA Chopper is a Tosa/Dane/Lab mix and is nothing short of a miracle dog.  For two full weeks Nico barked, snapped and growled every time we were near her kennel.  She would not let anyone near her.  Gentle Giants miracle worker Perry didn't give up on her and just as quickly as she barked us, she started to trust Perry.  That's how Nico's transformation began.  She's still unsure about people and barks and snaps occasionally, but her tail wags a lot now and she's kissed a few faces too.  We believe she was most likely beaten or abused, but she's making amazing progress.  She's been on leash and loves to take walks.  She's trusted several of us to give her treats and is even excited to see us every day.

Nico has a long road to recovery and she will need a foster or forever home with with large breed experience, experience with abused animals and a firm but very loving hand.

Look at those eyes. This is a dog that is desperate to be loved... 


Hanna and Hillary are siblings and approx 6 months old.  They do not need to be adopted together. They are Tosa/Dane/Lab mixes.

These girls are just short of hilarious.  They are goofy and LOVE to play.  They chase each other, run together and explore like the adorable puppies they are.  They are super sweet and show absolutely no signs of dominant behavior or aggression.  Hanna is a bit more reserved than Hillary but both are outgoing and friendly.  They both want to be pet and if you're paying attention to one, jumps right in for her share of the love too.

They are learning about their leashes and are becoming accustom to being outside.  They are learning stairs, but haven't quite mastered them yet.  They'll need basic obedience training but have come far in their few weeks with us.

Both girls are fully vetted,spayed and would make great family members who that will give you years of love and affection.

UPDATE:  Hillary has some minor kidney issues at the moment. She is getting fluids and medication and we hope she's on the road to recovery quickly, but for the time being, she'll be staying put at the vet.

Sweet Jill and Skarr.  How i wish you were curled up on the couch being loved in your new home. Instead, an irresponsible kennel owner put you in a broken kennel and allowed you to escape during a transport layover.  Not a day goes by that i don't think of you, miss you and cry for you. Goofy Jill with your big tongued smile and WNBA jumping skills and gentle souled Skarr who loves hugs and touched my heart in a way few dogs ever have.  You were removed from a bad situation, my two dogs that had a second chance at life, and irresponsible people took that chance from you. I feel like we let you down and a piece of my heart will forever have a hole in it.... I'm sorry Jill and Skarr.  I hope you are running and playing and enjoying your freedom. I hope that kind people have found you and love you the way you deserve to be loved and i hope that you understood how very much we loved you and know how we will always love you.....

Skarr and Jill are the sweetest of the sweet.

They are siblings and somewhere around 2 years old. 

Skarr and Jane are big lovers, they love hugs - giving them and getting them, to be pet and are totally adorable together.

Both have quickly learned to go up the stairs though Jill is still a little unsure about coming back down.  They love being outside and exploring and are doing fantastic on leash. 

They're both fixed and fully vetted.

Radar went to his new home through bouvier rescue and he jumped a 6 ft fence  He is missing in Baltimore Maryland. 

Gentle Giants volunteeer Perry helped Radar transform from a terrified dog too scared to even look at you, to a dog that was learning to trust people.  He walked him, bathed him, calmed him down and was starting to train him to be comfortable in a car. Radar's face lit up when he saw Perry and he was so happy to give and get his love. Radar, there are no words to explain how we feel.  We are devasated that another of the Magnificent 19 has gone missing and we are very sad.  We're hoping and praying that you are safe.  We love you Radar.

Radar is a large dog.  He's approximately 3-5 years old and we believe he is a Bouvier Des Flangres or Bouvier Mix. He was a scared boy but ha s really started to settle in.  He's gaining our trust every day.  Radar will need to be adopted by a special person with large breed experience.

Radar is neutered and fully vetted.  He's starting to walk very nicely on a leash though he's still a little shy.  He's also learned that he loves to be pet and paid attention too.  He's still a bit tentative about being approached, but once he's determined you're a "good guy", he's very happy to snuggle in for some love.

If you can find room in your heart and have experience with dogs like Radar, please consider opening your heart.  We know there's a wonderful dog hiding behind a scared boy and Radar deserves  a wonderful life.

Leo is between 4 and 6 months old and we think he is also a Tosa/Dane/Lab mix. 

Don't let those ears fool you, these pictures were taken before Leo got to know us. Today, his tail doesn't stop thumping and he has a grin that will melt your heart. His nickname should be "ricochet rabbit" because he's all playful puppy and wont even sit still for a new photo op!! He's still a bit shy when first approached if he doesnt know you, but he's gaining confidence in himself every day.   He shows absolutely no signs of aggression and definitely wants to please.

Leo has very quickly learned that if he sits and is a good boy, he'll get a treat and wants to practice often.   Once treat time is over, Leo wants nothing more than to be loved and being pet seems to be his favorite hobby.

He is learning to walk on a leash and while outside is still new to him, he's an explorer and has made significant progress. He'll need training but so far, he's a super fast learner.

Leo is fully vetted and neutered and will make a fantastic addition to your family.


Don is approx. 12 years old.  We believe he may be a Bouvier Des Flangres or a Bouvier Mix. 

Don is a very sweet old gentlemen.  He walks nicely on a leash and loves anytime he's able to spend outside. Don's just an elder statesman. He's kind and well mannered and seems to very much enjoy the company of his human companions Don't let his age fool you either, he's curious and still has just the right amount of spunk.

Wouldn't you love to give this senior boy a loving home to spend his golden years? He deserves nothing but the best in life!!!

Don is fully vetted, housebroken  and a very good boy.
Don - Before and After
Don Before and After

Sarge is also a large dog, approx 3-5 years old. We believe Sarge and Radar are siblings.

Sarge was tentative about his outside walks at first, but he absolutely loves them now and he's learned alot in a very short time.

Like Radar, Sarge was intitially scared but he's really come out of his shell.  Sarge is a true Bouvier, a little pushy and stubborn but super sweet.  He'll need a home with Bouvier or large breed experience He is fully vetted and neutered. 

Please consider making Sarge part of your family.

Sarge has not had his grooming session or photo shoot yet but more pictures will be posted as soon as he does.  He's a handsome boy... 

Gunner and his new family!!!

Tank and Gunner are siblings but do not need to be adopted together.  They are approximatly 1-2 years old and we believe them to be Tosa/Dane/Lab mixes. 

They are extremely sweet.  Both boys are spunky but not hyper.  They LOVE treats and are really coming along.  They're doing great with us when we visit with them to eat, go outside and play.  Both Tank and Gunner are learning to walk up and down stairs and to walk on a leash.  They're very smart and are picking it up faster than we expected.

They're still a little shy, but they warm up quickly and then those tails start wagging.  We're even starting to get some puppy loving kisses too... We're having a blast with them!!

If you're looking for an older puppy/young adult dog to add to your family, either of these two boys should make a great addition. 

They were both neuetered and fully vetted this week and will have their spa day and photo shoot soon.  More pictures to come that really show how gorgeous both these guys are!

Heidi is very shy about having her picture taken.  She is approx. 4 months old and we believe she is a Bouvier mix.  She may be Leo's sibling.

She's definitely the shyest of the group but has started to turn the corner.  She wags her tail, wants treats and to be pet, but she's still not quite sure of what's going on.

Heidi has not been using her leash long and is learning but she's been a little slower than the others.  She's just not sure of herself yet.
She loves to be pet though and wants attention.  She leans up against your leg, head still down and tail between her legs but wagging at a furious pace.

A forever home with just a little patience will bring Heidi right out of her shell.  She's a good girl and shows no signs of aggression or dominance whatsoever. She loves being with Leo though Hillary and Hanna are a bit too much for her right now.  You can see she wants to jump in and play but doesn't have the confidence to do it yet.

Heidi is fully vetted and spayed.  She is a wonderful dog so please consider helping her become the wonderful dog we know she is.
Puppies - Lily, Kato, Rocky, Bentley - All have been adopted!!
Kato found his voice