RIP sweet Blizzard, the dog who started it all... 
Run free sweet boy.  We love you
R .I .P. My precious Blizzard...mommy loved you with all her heart and soul ... I miss you so very much xo. Rebirth 12/15/07-04/24/14

Blilzzard's Story by Candi Bright

On Saturday Dec 8,2007 I received an email about a blind and emaciated Great Pyrenees at the Delco shelter in Pa.. He was found on the shoulder of I 95 in PA  an was also ill.... With the help of Elaine Shoemaker and Diane Murray, this sick blind boy arrived at my house on Saturday Dec 15, 2007 in a snowstorm. My son Ray carried him upstairs to the master bathroom. After observing him we loaded him in the car and brought him to my vet.  It was snowing pretty heavy and since he was blind and you can't see much in a snowstorm, I named him Blizzard.  Once at the vet, he had blood work and X-rays. He had double pneumonia and a horrible sinus infection.  He weighed 81 pounds. He had injection of antibiotics and a steroid shot. The vet put him in the nebulizer tank and he gave me cough medicine, 2 different antibiotics and nebulizer solution to use at home. He told me that if anyone could make him well it was me...... So we took Blizzard home, set him up in master bedroom and bathroom, waited and prayed.  He had antibiotics every two hours with cough medicine and a nebulizer treatment.  He wouldn't eat or drink, so I used a turkey baster to give him water and put small amounts of meat baby food on the roof of his mouth every half hour.  I also administered sub q fluids twice a day and brought him into the vet everyday to be checked and put in nebulizer tank.   After 3 days he started eating and drinking on his own.  He had vet visits and round the clock care by me for 14 days.  He started to thrive... My Blizzard was so very sweet... As the weeks went by, the time between vet visits got longer and everyone could see a big improvement.  By the end if January 2008 he was completely healthy and just over 100 pounds.

A woman that  had adopted a Berner from me wanted to give Blizzard a home and a wonderful home it would be.. So, in mid Feb 2008 my hubby and I drove Blizzard to Ct. I cried the entire ride there, I cried for 3 hours at her house and sobbed the entire way home.  At 6 am the next morning, Nora called.  Blizzard would not eat or drink and his tail was between his legs . He stood by the door and cried from the time I left.  Nora told me he belonged with me so that night I drove and we met half way.  The minute he heard me he smiled, wagged his tail, barked and gave me the pyr paw…. It was a fine deal I was his mommy!!! 

Blizzard was my first Great Pyrenees rescue and my first special needs dog. He helped set the tone of Gentle Giants: ).  He fell for me and I fell for him hard!!  We had our official poster made and later on decided that our logo would be the outline of us from our poster.  Blizzard would go to events and everyone loved him.  So many people wanted to adopt him, but he was mine and I was his.  He never ever growled once at any human or animal... He wrapped his paw around my heart and never let go ...

Update - 4/23/14

When I rescued Blizzard the vet thought he was 7 or 8 at the time... In Dec 2013 we celebrated his. 6 year rebirth day ... He started to slow down after the New Year but all his blood work was fine ... He found it harder to get up so I would massage him every night.. I know it was a harsh winter with all the snow and ice but I figured when the weather got nicer we could go for walks and help build up his leg muscles... A couple weeks ago he started having accidents, which he never did, he was having a harder time getting up, but he was still his sweet self…. Eating and drinking and snuggling with me. ... Last night after I came home from work he couldn't get up and when I picked him up, he couldn't stand.  He wouldn't eat and I
used the turkey baster to give him water.  It was 1 am so I made a bed next to him, held him all night and talked to him and pet him... He was no better in the morning and his eyes told me what I already knew in my heart, It was time to let him go. My hubby took me to the vet this morning and i was hysterical. I hugged and kissed him and held him as I let him go ... My heart is shattered into a million pieces ... Your legacy will live on Blizzard ... Mommy loved you with all my heart and soul and I miss you terribly... R.I.P. My precious Blizzard… run free at the rainbow bridge. We will be together again someday. I love you. XO