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CharlieDog & Friends Fundraiser for Mike, Maury, Marlon and Mick!!

We rescued these four gentle superstars from dire circumstances at the Brooklyn ACC.  They were left there after their owner passed away. 

Begining Saturday, August 23, our new friends at CharlieDog & Friends will donate all procedes from their “Adopt” collar bracelets to Gentle Giants, Inc., to help pay for the cost of vetting and care.

Bracelets are ONLY $10.00 each! 

Order yours today at CharlieDog&Friends

About "Adopt" Bracelets
Collars are 1/2″ wide, and are easily adjustable to 10″.  They can be made as small as 7″, without covering the word “Adopt”. They are made for people, but are also suitable for small dogs (not for cats). Collars also fit all plush CharlieDog dogs and cats.

We're excited to be a part of a great fundraiser benefiting the rescue organizations who jumped in to help the former OAS dogs.  Gentle Giants rescued 3 dogs from the horrors of OAS and we're happy to report Thor, Turk and Mimi are doing just fine. 

OAS Fundraiser. Order a tote bag, throw, calendar and more... Featuring Thor, Turk and Mimi

Candi at the premier of "The Big Ti" at The Elm Street Grill, Oakland NJ

Its "THE BIG TIP" Rock and Roll Grandma - You ROCK!!!

Host Rossi Morreale with Magnificent 19 pups, Lily and Ruger!

Rachel Ray with Elm Street Grille owner Rich. Guest appearance by Thor's butt!!

Candi premiers "The Big Tip"
See Thor, Turk and Mimi on their journey from OAS to love and safety with Gentle Giants.  The Thor Red Carpet Pawtograph Specatacular was a spectacular sucess.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by to meet these three amazing dogs!

100% of donations are used towards the care of our rescued dogs

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